The World-Hairglobe is a massiv globe made out of hair,
a "materialized social sculpture".

Via internet and liveperformances I collect hair from all over the world. This hair I felt onto the already existing ball, the World-Hairglobe. By the act of donating hair, everybody can participate in the creation of this sculpture.The Hairglobe and the computer are metaphores to oneanother: human Network - computer Network; binaric code - genetic code. The virtual turns back into the material object. The World-Hairglobe is massiv and exclusivly made out of hair. It sticks together due to the old felting technic. The actual diameter is about 40cm. (october 2000) This project began in november 1995 in Hamburg, Germany, and it is open ended. This work exists in the form of a permanent database here on internet, as well as a performance at art-events or as an installation at art-exhibitions. The information is also spread via postcards. Untill today about 600 to 700 persons participated in this artwork.

Take part in this human-hair-network and send your hair.
World-Hairglobe - P.O.Box - 4001 Basel - Switzerland
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